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Expert Persian Rug Cleaning in Maryland

Anyone who appreciates the beauty of a Persian rug knows that they are not only an investment, but a fine work of art that will become a family heirloom. Used for thousands of years and coveted around the world, these rugs have become recognized as one of the finest examples of rug handiwork. The terminology “Persian” rug refers specifically to area rugs produced and woven in Iran, although the style itself has often been imitated and produced in such countries as China, India and Pakistan. So-called Persian rugs made in locations other than Iran may not be recognized as “authentic”, particularly if they are mass-produced. A genuine Persian rug is painstakingly hand-crafted by artisans who hand-knot, dye and weave them using natural fibers, wool and traditionally, vegetable dye to create the infamous palette that is associated with these regal-looking rugs. Since these rugs have been made entirely by hand, they are costly – much more so than their synthetic counterparts, which are not made from wool and silk and often feature inferior designs and craftsmanship. Collected for centuries, these prized rugs become a stunning focal point in any home and demand special care and professional cleaning.

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The Value of a Persian Rug?

According to collectors, one of the main reasons why Persian rugs are so valuable is because they are truly unique – no two are created exactly alike. Depending on the city, the weavers and artisans crafting the rug, there are a wide range of details that will differentiate your area rug from others created. Even the smallest details – including the size of the knots used and the dyes applied to the fibers – make each Persian rug an original work of art. Unless the place where your rug was manufactured intended to make an identical carpet, your Persian rug has been created so that it is one-of-a-kind. In essence, you cannot even put a price on these rugs, since they are a handmade artifact that expresses not only the originality of its maker, but your individuality and sense of style, created for generations of enjoyment.

Choosing the Right Rug Cleaning Service

In order to maintain your favorite Persian rug, you will want to use the services of a professional rug cleaning service to ensure its lasting beauty. And just as every Persian rug has been created to be one-of-a-kind, it’s important to realize that each rug cleaning business is different, too. Whether you live in Maryland or the surrounding DC Metro Area, finding the appropriate carpet cleaning service is crucial – you don’t want to leave your valuable Persian rug with just any rug cleaning company. At Green Choice Carpet, our rug technicians are certified and we offer rug repair specialties such as rug restoration, re-weaving, water damage, fraying and other forms of rug renovation. Green Choice offers a complete line of maintenance – you can rest assured that your precious Persian rug is in the hands of experts and who can extend the life of your rug for decades. 

Green Choice Carpets has over two decades in the rug industry and we specialize in cleaning and restoring all types of handmade rugs such as Persian and Oriental rugs. Our staff has the experience and expertise you safely clean and restore your Persian rug. We believe our Persian Rug cleaning service in Maryland is the finest available. Call us at 1-301-605-1169 to talk to a representative. We can also arrange for a technician to inspect your rug at your home and give you an estimate on how much it would cost to clean it and detail our cleaning process. We also provide a free pick up and delivery to our customers.

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  • After our pet had an accident on our rugs we called Green Choice to remove it and the stain. The rug was off white and the stain ruined the appearance. After Green Choice was finished the stain we gone and the rug looked great. I thought we would have buy a new rug but Green Choice saved our rug for a very good price. They provided a great service and I recommend them highly.

  • I needed to have an Oriental rug cleaned after a few years of sitting in my living room. It was dusty and few food and drink spills on it. Given the price I paid for it, I check around for a service with good reviews and settles on Green Choice. A plus is that they also give free pick up and delivery. I got the rug back in a week and it looks great. No dirt and no stains. Great job of Oriental rug cleaning Green Choice.


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